Tradeview is a section where you can see more detailed information about particular currency pair of our Exchange

  • Trading chart, where you can track price changes

⚠️ You can also choose different chart types and time frames for better analytics

Letters on the trading chart mean the following:

T: Specific date and time

O: Open price

H: Highest value

L: Lowest value

C: Closing price

V: Trading volume

  • Order book with a chart and a list of recent buy and sell orders (find more details here)

  • Trading section, where you can set market orders (as via Quicktrade) and in addition, limit orders

⚠️ Limit order allows you to trade under pre-established parameters (both amount and price). Find more information here

You need to set three parameters here: type of order (Buy or Sell), amount of currency and desired price that you want your order to be fulfilled at. 

Value of the order will be calculated with set parameters and estimated fees. If you agree with all order parameters, click Buy or Sell button below:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Support team.