(For mobile app version click HERE).  

1. Go to either your "Dashboard" or to your "Wallet" and then click on "Withdraw" (Withdraw or send):



2. Now you have to choose an asset (Assets explained):

3. Choose a recipient, when you input the withrawal address or recipient (Recipient explained), make sure that you have entered the correct one.

Bear in mind, that you will be prompted to process an identity verification check upon withdrawal if you have not done that beforehand.

If your account is already verified, then you will automatically be given the option to type in the withdrawal wallet address (a recipient):

Please note, that Blocktrade is using smart contract, so make sure, that your destination wallet supports such transaction. If you are withdrawing funds to a pool or an ICO wallet, please withdraw to a private wallet first.

If your account is not yet verified, you must first verify your identity. Click on the button "Verify Now" and follow the instructions. To see how to verify your identity, click HERE.