Buying and selling currencies is extremely easy user-friendly and fun to use on our exchange.

Step 1: Go to Marketplace, when you have clicked on the desired currency pair, you will be presented with two options: Quicktrade (you can also access Quick Trade directly from Dashboard and Wallet, Quick Trade explained) and Tradeview (Tradeview explained):

Step 2: Click on Tradeview, there you can choose to change your desired currency pair:

Step 3: In the first section, we select either BUY if we wish to purchase currencies with another currency or SELL if we wish to sell currencies for another currency. For example, we are buying 1 Bitcoin with EUR:

In the upper picture, we are buying BTC for the market determined price in Eur. If we would click on the green sign Buy BTC we would instantly be matched in an Order book (Order book explained), if the parameters would not change in the time of the purchase. 

If we would select SELL, we would also be matched in an Order book the same as with buying. The order would go through instantly if the parameters would not change in the time of the purchase.

Buying and selling with a limit is a function that allows you to buy and sell currencies under the pre-established parameters. Your order will be placed in an Orderbook and will be filled after two criteria are met. Limit order gives you more freedom with the trading as you can buy the currencies under the specific conditions. 

Example: If we wish to buy 1 Bitcoin for the price of 6000 Euros, someone must be willing to sell 1 Bitcoin for the price of 6000 Euros. The buyer and the seller would get matched in an order book and they would exchange the mentioned currencies.