Follow these steps to deposit cryptocurrency on your account and if your account has successfully passed the KYC process. (For mobile app, click HERE)

1. Go either to your "Dashboard" (Dashboard explained) or "Wallet" (Wallet explained) section of the platform. And click on "Get" button:



2. If you wish to deposit EUR, follow the steps described in this article. 

Transferring from an alternative address (Wallet).

If you already own cryptocurrencies, and you wish to transfer the desired amount to your Blocktrade account, first choose the coin you want to transfer from the drop-down menu:

When you choose the cryptocurrency, a unique wallet address will be generated for you, to which you can transfer your funds. You can also press the red "Copy Link" button to copy the link.

You will need this wallet address for transferring the cryptocurrencies that you have in the alternative wallet.