Step 1: After finishing your registration, log in to your account and click on More:

Step 2: Click on Settings:

Step 3: Under Personal data, click Verify Now:

Step 4Fill out all of the personal details fields and click Next: 

Step 5: Uploading the necessary documents:

1. Present your personal IDfront and back photo (preferably passport - just one photo that includes both pages of a passport, as we can guarantee faster verification with passports). The document has to be valid for at least 3 months and has to contain personal data (Name, Surname, Date of birth). The more personal data it contains, the easier it is for us to verify your identity. It must be written in Latin Script.

2. Proof of residence (must be written in Latin Script) - any document that is less than 3 months old and has your name, surname and address are clearly written on it (energy, water or phone bill, bank statement, insurance policy etc.), (If the utility bill is not addressed to you, click HERE for further instructions).

3. Photo of you where you are holding your ID and a piece of paper that has handwritten on it: 

For and has to have your name and surname, current date and signature on it.

Make sure to follow these guidelines (pdf document) or follow this LINK on how to capture documents to ensure you get verified fast and without issues. 

Click Save:

You have now completed the verification process.

Since the verification process is automated if your documents are not in order or you did not comply with all of the quality and document requirements the verification might need a manual review. In such cases, it might take substantially more time to verify an account (How long does it take to get verified?). 

You will be notified via email when the verification is complete.