We know security is essential, we're doing everything we can to improve day in and day out. However, here are some recommendations on how you can protect yourself from unauthorized access. 



1. Setting up a strong password is a must

The account password is the first line of defense against unauthorized access. You should choose a long password, at least between 8- 16 characters, and it should include, symbols, numbers, lowercase and uppercase characters.



2. Set up and back up your two-factor authentication (2FA)

2FA stands for »2-factor authentication« and serves as an extra layer of security that requires more than just a password and username but also a piece of information that only you have - the 2FA. We highly recommend you set your 2FA immediately upon logging in, and backup the recovery phrase in case access to 2FA is lost. 

We suggest you use 2FA on any apps connected directly to your trading account (such as; email, password vaults, etc.)



3. We don't need to know your password

The password to your account is yours and yours alone. We will never ask for your password and anyone doing so while claiming to be from Blocktrade is trying to gain unauthorized access to your account. Any such action you should immediately report to Blocktrade customer service. 


4. Withdrawal confirmations

Every one of your withdrawals you need to confirm via a unique link that you get to your email inbox. The link expires in 10 minutes from the moment you've requested a withdrawal. This is precisely why we recommend using 2FA on your email inbox as well, to prevent any unauthorized withdrawals. 



5. Never share your account credentials

Access to the account should always be limited to yourself. From the moment you create and verify your account under your credentials, you should not share your account credentials with anyone. 


6. Phishing risk

As you may know, social media is full of fake profiles, scammers and people praying on potential victims. They may attempt to steal your data through phishing attacks or simply advertising deals "too good to be true", such as giveaways and "send your funds and receive 10x back" type of deals. We recommend you block that type of accounts and report them for review to the platform personnel. 

The same risk is potentially waiting for you in your email inbox, therefore make sure that you verify the sender every time you receive an email from Blocktrade and make sure that the sender is Blocktrade and not someone trying to make their email look similar. 


Thank you for the read trough. We will keep improving our security, and we sincerely hope you will help us make sure that your assets are forever safe.