1. At the bottom of the screen on your Dashboard choose Add Funds

2. On the next page, please choose, from the drop-down menu, the asset you want to deposit. In this case it is EUR. Next, select the bank account you wish to deposit from by clicking on the Select Bank Account 

3. If you have never previously deposited funds to Blocktrade, you will need to verify your bank account first. You can do that by transferring at least 3 EUR to the exchange. You will need to add an account number from which you are planning to deposit the funds. Click on Add New in the drop-down list under the Select Bank Account and then on Proceed

4. On the next screen, fill in all the required fields: Your bank account number and the Name of the bank, and click on Proceed

5. You will be presented with the following screen. Please read and follow carefully all the instructions how to deposit the funds from your bank account. 

Please make sure you have entered the correct IBAN ("Send funds to") and reference ("Note"), when depositing FIAT to your Blocktrade.com account, otherwise we won't be able to credit your account properly.

Until the first successful deposit, there will be "unconfirmed" status next to the bank account. 


If you have any questions related to deposit of funds, please contact our Support team.