Blocktrade has upgraded their wallet service and all the wallets on the Exchange have been transferred to the new service provider. 

This means that now, you have a new deposit address for all the crypto currencies available on the Blocktrade Exchange except for the eCredits. eCredits wallets do not require the new wallet address.

If you wish to deposit crypto assets on Blocktrade you will need to generate a new wallet address for each asset separately. 

To do so, please go to the Dashboard section on the Blocktrade Exchange and click on Add Funds.

 Select the asset you want to deposit.

Click on Get wallet address to generate a new deposit address.

Copy the address or scan the QR code.
Please note that in case of XRP and XLM addresses, both address components (Destination Tag for XRP and Memo ID for XLM) need to be used for transfer.


If you have generated wallet addresses prior to the upgrade and transferred crypto currencies to the Blocktrade Exchange, you will need to update those wallet addresses on the external wallet apps. To do so, follow the same process as described above.

Please make sure that you have replaced all previously saved Blocktrade deposit addresses on the external service providers to the new deposit addresses.


If you have transferred the asset to the old wallet address after the upgrade.

We would like to stress out that it is always customer’s own responsibility to ensure that the transfer of assets to or from Blocktrade account is done correctly.

Please note, that token recovery is a complex, manual procedure and we cannot always guarantee the recovery, as not all the deposits are recoverable. However, we will attempt the recovery of your funds, only if the transfer was minimum 1000 worth of cryptocurrency. Please be aware that this procedure can take up to 2 months and we will have to charge you 500+VAT for the effort. Kindly, contact our support on [email protected] for further details.


If you wish to learn more about custodian wallet, please follow this link:  What are Cryptocurrency Custody Services? - Blocktrade