If you wish to purchase BTEX tokens on our platform, here is the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Open an account at Blocktrade

1. Go to blocktrade.com and click on the Sign-up button:


2. Type in your email address, think of a good password and click on Create Account:


3. To proceed, you must check the boxes and click on Continue to Blocktrade.  

You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox. To proceed with your registration, click on the link enclosed in the email. You will be able to log in to your Blocktrade account afterward.

Step 2. Verify your identity

1. After completing the registration, you need to go through the verification process.  

Select your account type, fill out AML Questionnaire and your personal data:

2. Upload your Proof of Residency

Choose one of the documents from the drop-down list (utility bill, bank statement etc.). The document should be less than 3 months old and have your name and place of residence on it:


3. Upload your personal ID (it can be a passport, a driver's license or an identity card). 

The document must be valid for at least 3 months and contain personal data (name, surname, date of birth). 

After choosing the type of document, you are able to continue the process on your mobile phone or on your desktop:

After that, your verification process is completed. As soon as your account is verified, you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 3. Make your deposit

1. After your account is verified, you can make your first deposit

Log in to your Blocktrade account and go to the Wallet page. On the right you will see Add funds section. 

You can deposit Euros from a credit/debit card or via a bank transfer (SEPA):

A. Credit/debit card deposit

Enter the deposit amount, fill out the credit card details (name, card number, expiry date and security code), check confirmation boxes and click on Add funds to my account:

You may need to verify the payment twice if you enabled 2-factor authentication. 

⚠️ We currently only accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards

⚠️ Please pay attention to the total payment amount: there is a small fee for every fiat currency deposit; you can check Blocktrade's rates in our fee schedule

B. Bank transfer deposit

You can check all the necessary instructions and details on the deposit page — please read them carefullyYou can copy the information from each field by clicking on the Copy link icons to the right:

After your deposit reaches your Blocktrade account, you will additionally get an email confirmation.

Step 4. Convert EUR to USDC

In order to proceed with the payment for your BTEX purchase, you need to convert your EUR to USDC first. You can do it quickly and securely through our Marketplace

1. Go to Home page to access the Buy, Sell or Convert widget:

2. Choose the currency and the amount you want to spend (You Pay - EUR), then choose the currency you want to buy (You Buy - USDC). The conversion rate is calculated automatically. If you agree with the parameters, click on Preview Order:

3. You will have 10 seconds to confirm your order before the conversion rate updates. Click Confirm when you are ready to conclude the purchase. 

The transaction will then be processed, which can take from a few seconds to one minute. After the order is fulfilled, you will see a confirmation message.  

Step 5. Create a recipient

Before transferring out your USDC amount, it's advised to create a recipient for the withdrawal. 

1. Go to Wallet page to see Recipients section, then click on blue Recipient button to add a new recipient:

2. After that, you need to:

  • Choose the asset from the drop-down list of available coins: USD Coin
  • Enter the wallet address: 0xe14C341104d13da28F1dbdC85d39b4CC29F40c0A
  • Enter the name of the recipient: (e.g., BTEX purchase)
  • Click on Save recipient  

Your added recipient will be displayed in the Recipients section below. At the same time, you will get an email notification about your newly added recipient.

Step 6. Make a withdrawal to conclude your purchase

You now have everything ready to complete your BTEX purchase. 

1. Go to Wallet page and Recipients section. Find the recipient that you have created for BTEX purchase and click Send USDC in front of it:

2. Enter the USDC amount outlined in your SAFT (including the withdrawal fee). Then click on Preview before sending button:

3. Before your approval, kindly check all payment details. In the Message field, you need to write your full name. After that you can click on Withdraw USDC to initiate the transfer. 

You will receive a confirmation link in your email addressYou will have 60 minutes to go to your inbox and confirm the withdrawal. 

Once you click on the confirmation link, you will be redirected to the withdrawal confirmation page. Click on Confirm to finalize the transfer.

⚠️ We recommend sending a test transaction of 10 USDC first and confirming with us once it's completed. Only then you should transfer the remaining amount to the same recipient. This minimizes the risks and ensures no funds are lost during the transfer.

Done! Your BTEX purchase is now complete.

⚠️ You will be able to see your tokens on your account at the time of the listing on Blocktrade exchange.

If you have any questions about the process, do not hesitate to contact our Support team.