After successfully passing Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process, you can make your first deposit. Here is the step-by-step:

⚠️ For mobile app, click here.

1. Go to Wallet section of the platform. On the right you will see Top up your Wallet menu:

2. If you wish to deposit EUR, follow the steps described here

If you already own cryptocurrencies and you wish to transfer the desired amount to your Blocktrade account, first choose the coin that you want to transfer from the drop-down menu. Then, click Continue button:

After that, a unique wallet address will be generated for you (if it was not generated previously), to which you can transfer your funds. 

Press Copy Link button to copy the link or scan generated QR code:

You will need this wallet address for transferring the cryptocurrencies that you have in the alternative wallet.

⚠️ Please, note that Blocktrade supports certain networks for all available coins. You can check the following page to make sure that you use the correct network for a particular coin.  

If you have questions about the process, do not hesitate to contact our Support team.