Welcome to the Activity page! This is the place where you can track all the transactions - to and from your Blocktrade account. 

The Activity section is meant for tracking all the assets that are sent to your account or withdrawn from it. In this section you can see the date, amount and currency, details and the type of the transaction.

  • Completed transactions are marked with green status on the right
  • Failed transactions are marked with red status on the right
  • Active orders are marked in white status on the right
  • Cancelled orders are marked with grey status on the right

You can filter all the transactions to trade and others on the menu above, as well as according to date and type.

⚠️ If some of your orders have not been filled yet (current status is Active), you can cancel these orders if you do not want them to be filled anymore with Cancel button.

Besides, if you require a list of transactions made on the Blocktrade platform, you can generate a trading report. Find detailed instructions here 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Support team.