Welcome to Blocktrade - the digital assets exchange that focuses on cutting-edge technologies, highest security standards, and excellent user experiences. In this article, we will introduce you to Blocktrade, provide some guidelines for responsible trading, and outline our vision.

What is Blocktrade?

At Blocktrade, we believe in the power of community and trust. We strive towards being the most accessible marketplace while holding ourselves to the highest regulatory standards. We make no difference between origin, gender, age, or wealth when we educate and support our community in becoming more financially educated and directly apply their knowledge on digital markets. Only when every user leaves our platform wealthier in assets or knowledge, looking forward to coming back to further improve their life, have we reached our goal.

Why Blocktrade?

Blocktrade is developing and operating a digital assets exchange that focuses on cutting-edge technologies, highest security standards, and excellent user experiences. The Blocktrade team is on a mission to change how capital markets operate on both primary markets and secondary markets by using blockchain and the latest technologies.

At Blocktrade, we offer an easy-to-use platform for managing your portfolio. The Europe based digital assets exchange allows you to buy, store, and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, eCredits and other crypto-assets while being able to deposit funds through bank transfers, wire transfers, or digital currencies.


  • Our platform offers you a seamless experience in our web app and on smart devices. In a beautifully designed platform, you will have a clear overview of the marketplace, your assets, and safe recipients.

  • Blocktrade offers one-click trading, making it easy to complete transactions securely and quickly. We have invested considerable time into planning, analyzing, and improving the interface to give you everything you need. With Blocktrade, you get all the necessary information as well as usability beyond expectation.

  • Whether you are a professional or a frequent trader, you need to have all the activities listed in one place. Blocktrade offers a clear and expandable record of everything that you did on the platform. Have a complete overview of all your trading activities – anytime and anywhere!

  • At Blocktrade, you get a clear picture of your marketplace. Adjust the time span to your needs and make informed trading decisions. No matter which device you are using at the given moment, detailed performance overview as well as quick trading functions are always at your service.

Experience the intuitive way to trade with Blocktrade and join our community today!