The Blocktrade Arcade is where investment meets entertainment! Our latest feature transforms your investment journey into a fun and exciting adventure, allowing you to play games and earn experience points.

Who can play?

All users can participate in Blocktrade Arcade, provided they fulfill the Requirements to Play. Even logged-out accounts can join the fun by playing Partner Games.

Different ways to earn experience points

Embark on an XP adventure with four enticing rewards in Blocktrade Arcade:

  • Arcade Daily Rewards: achieve the Target Score in today's in-game quest to unlock the XP reward. You can see the daily XP progress bar when navigating to the Arcade page.
    NB! This progress bar will reset everyday.
  • Today's in game-quest: hit the Target Score in any game (excluding Partner Games) to get this reward
  • Daily Activity Reward (Hidden Rewards): you can get the Daily Activity Reward by playing any game once a day, even if you don't complete the in-game quest
  • Competition Rewards: check your Arcade for special rewards tied to competitions and rankings 

XP level system

Level up your investment journey, too! The more you play your favorite game, the more rewards you get. The Game of the Day grants higher XP, ensuring a joyful experience every day. 

This will help you elevate your Blocktrade account level for exclusive benefits. Refer to our Gamification Terms of Use for more details. 

Game rules and guidelines

Before you play each gaming session, familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines displayed at the start of each game. It's your roadmap to a rewarding experience!

Arcade updates and new features

Blocktrade is committed to keeping the excitement alive. We're gearing up to introduce fantastic new games and elevate your user experience in collaboration with our partners. Stay tuned for thrilling updates, and don't forget to follow Blocktrade official social media channels!

Trade, Play, and Earn with Blocktrade Arcade – your gateway to a new era of investment fun! 

If you have any questions about the Blocktrade Arcade, don't hesitate to contact our Support team.