First, here are some tips on How to fill out the support ticket for maximum efficiency.

1. When you wish to open a ticket on, click on the Help button on the bottom right corner of the page:

A window will open up, you may look for an answer to your question first, as we have prepared an extensive knowledge base for you. For example, if you have questions about two-factor authentication, just type 2FA and click on the search icon and you will see all our articles about 2FA:

If you don't find an answer or you are experiencing a technical issue than you will need to open a ticket, you do so by clicking on Contact us:

A form will open up for you, your email address and name will be already prefilled, you just need to fill:

  • What do you need help with? Choose a topic most closely related to your question.
  • The subject of the ticket. 
  • Type in your message for us.

Scroll down and if possible please send a screenshot and attach as many files as you can, as this will help us solve the issue faster and more efficiently. Please check the "I'm not a robot" box and click Send

Thank you for your feedback!

2. You can also open a ticket on, just click on "Request help" button on the top right corner:

A form will open up and you can fill in all the data needed (what is is the problem, your email address, your name etc.) and choose a closely related topic to your question under "What do you need help with?" Please attach as many files as you can, as it will help us greatly to solve your issue faster and more efficient. After you are done putting in all the information, please click "Submit" and our customer support team will answer you shortly.