The Marketplace makes it easier for you to buy and sell crypto and fiat currencies on Blocktrade:

  • Faster fulfillment times: you won't need to wait for the platform to find a match in the order book;

  • No trading fees¹: you get to keep everything!

1. Go to your Home tab to access the Buy, Sell or Convert widget: 

2. There are 2 fields in the widget:

  • You pay in: choose the currency and the amount you want to spend;

  • You buy: choose the currency you want to buy (the conversion rate is calculated automatically).

After that, click the Preview Order button:

⚠️ Before proceeding with the order, pay attention to your available balance

⚠️ You can quickly switch the buying/selling pair by clicking the arrows on the right side

⚠️ Certain coins have limited conversion options; please refer to this list to know more

3. You will have 10 seconds to confirm your order before the conversion rate updates. Click Confirm when you are ready to conclude the purchase:

4. The transaction will then be processed, which can take anywhere from a few seconds to one minute:

5. It's done! After the order is fulfilled, you will see the confirmation message below. You can then go to your Wallet or Get more Assets on the Marketplace:


6. You can also see all the coins available in the Marketplace from your Home tab:

¹ Except for transactions involving eCredits (ECS)