Account verification error - resubmit is a result of uploaded documentation being incomplete.

Some of the possible reasons for rejection are:

  • Insufficient ID document photo quality (blurry, too dark or black and white image);
  • ID document is not valid or missing personal data (name, date of birth, expiry date, document number or photo, signature, reverse side missing, security features not visible, document is cut);
  • Personal data is not matching the documents;
  • Insufficient proof of address (older than 3 months, wrong document type, address is a PO box, upload is a screenshot, missing issue date/address/name);
  • Insufficient selfie (low quality, blurry or too dark, face not fully visible).
  • Documents are not in Latin script

⚠️ Please make sure to re-upload the documents that are missing or do not meet our requirements, as re-uploading the same invalid ones, may result in your KYC being rejected.

You can find the full process described in detail (requirements) HERE.