What will you need to apply for the Business account?

  • Select the Business account type during registration

To open a business account, please send the following information and documents to our email address [email protected]:

  • Business Registration Number


  • Business Incorporation date (DD.MM.YY)

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) Number of Business  


  • Business Tax Identification number (TIN)
  • Recent extract within the past 3 months from a commercial register in a relevant jurisdiction, including information about shareholders and management/control bodies of the company. 


  • Proof of Company’s operating address, if different from the registered address. Click HERE for further information on address verification.


  • List of any shareholders with a stake of 25% or more (Full name, date of birth and country of residence). Provide us with proof of identity and proof of address of all the shareholders.    ⚠️ In the case of corporate shareholders, please provide identity documents of the individuals owning more than 25% of the legal entity.


  • List your company’s managing directors (Full name, date of birth, country of residence) and provide us with proof of identity and proof of address of all managing directors.


  • Provide us with a brief description of your business. (What are your main business activities?) If you have any online presence such as a website, please share it with us.

Please note:

⚠️ Businesses engaged in activities regulated by government authorities are required to provide a relevant license/ official authorization to conduct a regulated activity. 

⚠️ Legal entities that are not registered with the commercial register are asked to provide their formation documents or constitutive agreement.

⚠️ Businesses outside the UK and EEA may be asked to provide additional documentation.