Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to deceive users and steal their sensitive information and funds. This is especially common in the cryptocurrency space, where scams and social engineering attacks are prevalent. It's important to educate yourself and those around you in order to protect yourself from these types of attacks.

One common tactic used by cybercriminals is to pretend to be a successful businessman or even a member of "Blocktrade team" in order to trick people into falling for their scams. If you receive a call or email from someone claiming to be a part of our team and you are unsure of their identity, you can always contact us at to confirm. It's important to be wary of any "too good to be true" deals, such as requests to purchase cryptocurrency or make investments, as these may be scams. 

It's also important to be aware that cybercriminals often target those who are inexperienced with computers, elderly, disabled, or financially vulnerable. In order to protect yourself from these types of attacks, you should educate yourself and those around you about common social engineering scams and general security principles. 

⚠️ Be cautious of emails or phone calls from unknown sources, and don't blindly follow instructions from anyone without verifying their legitimacy. You can also find helpful educational material on security at

⚠️Please note that Blocktrade does not offer any financial advisory or ask for any credentials related to account/investments.