After activating your Global Shares account, you will be able to access the platform to manage your shares. Here is everything you can do in the portal:

Update your profile

Please ensure your personal information is correct after logging in for the first time. Click the user icon on the top left-hand corner of the screen to go to your profile:

You can also add a backup email address and change your password there.

View your shares

Your Dashboard provides a summary of your current shareholdings, displayed in the Total Shares Outstanding box. In the future, you will also be able to see the current share price and your equity potential value:

⚠️ Please, contact our Support team if you believe your total outstanding shares are not correctly reflected on the Dashboard.

Review your transactional history

The Share Transactions page gives you a detailed history of any shares issued to you. The source column refers to the origin of shares. Shares may originate from issuances (direct issuance), transfers (in and out), conversions (share class conversions) or repurchase surpluses.

It will also provide you with the share class of your underlying holdings and the total capital committed. Click the Export button to generate a CSV spreadsheet with all the available information:

Generate new certificates

You can generate shareholding certificates for each transaction on your Share Transactions page. To start, select the transaction and go to View Details:

Then, select Share Certificate in the Transaction Details popup and click the Download button:

⚠️ You are not able to sell, trade or gift your shares through the portal; please contact us if you wish to transfer your shares to someone else.