Single sign-on offers the convenience of accessing multiple services or platforms with just one set of credentials, streamlining the login process and eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords. 

At Blocktrade, we have integrated several sign-on options and you can find their description, as well potential issues, below. 

  • Apple ID

After you click "Continue with Apple", you will need to log in to your Apple ID and confirm Blocktrade access. 

However, if you encounter any issues such as losing access to your Apple ID or accidentally creating a duplicate account, rest assured that we have solutions in place to assist you.

If you have lost access to your Apple ID (it was the only method of logging into the account and you lost access to email address as well):

  • We advise you to change email address for your Blocktrade account. 
    Please, contact our Support team for further guidelines. 

If you have lost access to your Apple ID (it was the only method of logging into the account but you have access to email address):

  • Please, create a new password with your email address from Blocktrade account. 
    After that you will be able to login with your Blocktrade credentials.

If you have created a duplicate account with Apple ID, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Apple ID homepage and log in with Apple ID account.
  • Choose "Sign in with Apple."
  • In the modal window that appears, select Blocktrade application.
  • Click the "Stop using Sign in with Apple" button.

  • After this log in to your initial original Blocktrade account with your credentials. 
  • Go to Account menu => Settings => Security.
  • Choose Enable Apple ID.
  • After authorizing in Apple ID, you can use it for your Blocktrade account.

Disclaimer: Please, do not use the Hide my email feature since we cannot guarantee that emails sent to the account will be delivered. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Support team.