2FA stands for »2-factor authentication« and serves as an extra layer of security that requires more than just a password and username but also a piece of information that only you have and that makes it much harder for criminals to be able to obtain crucial information in order to commit fraud. It ensures your account is kept safe by requiring you to type in a specifically generated code each time you log in. If the website or app is offering 2FA it is advisable to set it up to maximize the security of your data and information. 

The importance of secure logins has never been more important than today. A simple username and password will not cut it any longer as it has become easy for criminal organizations to gain access to private data such as personal and financial details.

A recent study revealed that in 2016 over $16 billion was taken from 15.4 million U.S. consumers. Even more incredible, identify thieves stole over $107 billion in the past six years alone.

There are many forms of 2FA some of them are more secure than others. But hacking simultaneously in your data and a 2FA provider is highly unlikely. As many of us use the same variation of password on multiple pages. Good 2F
A is essential. 

To set a 2FA up:

1. Log into your account

2. Click on My Account from your Dashboard and then click on Settings:

3. Click on Two Factor Authentication "Set Up Now"

4. Download and install 'Google Authenticator', 'Authy' or any other 2FA provider from the Apple App Store or Android Play and then click on "Set Up":

5. Open the Authenticator app on your mobile phone, find the "add an account" option and 

  • scan  the QR code on your computer screen with the phone camera
  • Make sure you save the recovery code/secret key provided (in case if you lose access to the 2FA app), you do so by clicking on this icon:
  • Once successfully scanned by the camera, enter the 6 digit number displayed in your Authenticator App.
  • Tick the "I confirm that I downloaded/copied secret key"
  • Click Save

6. 2FA will now be set up correctly on your account, next time you log in to your account, you will first enter your email and password and then you will be redirected to the 2-step verification, where you will have to enter the 6 digit token code that is displayed in your authenticator app and click Login: